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From the Chairman's Perspective.

The Chudleigh Film Society, which was formed in 2008, starts its 11th season on Friday 13th September 2019 with the screening of "Bohemian Rhapsody" starring Rami Malek, Lucy Boynton and Gwilym Lee . Rami Malek's performance earned him an Oscar at the Academy Awards earlier in 2019. We are also screening "The Favourite", that earned an Oscar for Olivia Colman, on 11th October.


The 2016/17 season saw an increase in our fees for the first time in three years with the proviso that they will remain static until 2019. The Committee has decided to retain the same level for 2019/20 despite some rising costs and the need to keep our projection equipment in good order. Members, each of whom now pay £20 per season + £2 at the door for each screening, to watch all 10 films in our programme. A total cost of £4.00 per evening. The Committee hopes that you feel this represents a good value for money experience.


In order to cover our costs of approximately £250 per screening and also to keep our membership fees so relatively low, we endeavour to obtain sponsorship funding for our film evenings. In our 12th season we have obtained sponsorship for 8 of our 10 films. Sponsorhip costs just £60 and is open to both businesses and private individuals / groups. Anonymity is a choice of the sponsor. Sponsors are mentioned in our leaflet, on this web site and on the pre-film Power Point presentation. The leaflet is avaialble to members of the public at Chudleigh Town Hall and at 'Dandelion' opposite the War Memorial.


The Society holds two coffee mornings each season. For 2019 / 20, the dates are 5th October 2019 and 14th March 2020. Help is always appreciated as well as donations of cakes, jams, chutneys and various raffle prizes. The mornings are held in 'The Rest Centre' at Chudleigh Town Hall from 10.00am.


We invite our audience to provide their feedback ratings of the film they have seen, before they return home. We welcome this feedback in order to judge the popularity of the films we have selected for our screenings.


The ambience at our film evenings continues to be enhanced by the sale of wine and soft drinks as well as sweets and chocolates from  “The Sugar Mill” in Chudleigh.


Our library of past film DVDs continues to be made available to Members for them to borrow at no cost, although donations are appreciated and were forthcoming. (Kindly note that a deposit is also required.)


It is now five years since we made a significant investment in modern audio visual equipment. This has subsequently enhanced both the film’s sound quality for our audiences and also the ease of setting up & operating the equipment by our projectionists. However, comments made by some members about the clarity of some DVDs made the Society examine the situation. Whilst it is clear from listening to other equipment that certain films lack clarity in their oral content, the Committee has invested in a new speaker system whereby the speakers are on stands enabling the speaker height to be nearer the head height of the audience. We have been extremely happy with their performance but in the end we are still dependent on the clarity of the actors' voices.


With two members leaving the Committee this summer, it would be good if we could replace them as soon as possible. We try to give new Committee members time to learn how the Society functions. I am pleased to report that Sue Benyon-Tinker has agreed to take over as secretary from the end of the season. Our thanks to Mandy Lovick for her dedication in this position. We are also looking for 'Friends of Chudleigh Film Society" ie people who are interested in helping the Society on Film Nights and at our Coffee Mornings.


Finally, we would like to thank members and guests for their continued support and help in making the Chudleigh Film Society the success it is today.



Chairman - Chudleigh Film Society