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From the Chairman's Perspective.

The Chudleigh Film Society, which was formed in 2008, starts its tenth season on Friday 8th September 2017 with the screening of "Eye in the Sky" starring Helen Mirren and Alan Rickman. This was his last film before his untimely death in January 2016.


The 2016/17 season saw an increase in our fees for the first time in three years with the proviso that they will remain static until 2019. Our Membership level was still over 60 Members, each of whom now pay £20 per season + £2 at the door for each screening, to watch all 10 films in our programme. A total cost of £4.00 per evening. The Committee hopes that you feel this represents a good value for money experience.


In order to cover our costs of approximately £250 per screening and also to keep our membership fees so relatively low, we endeavour to obtain sponsorship funding for our film evenings. In our tenth season we have obtained sponsorship for all our 10 films. This is a first for the Society


We invite our audience to provide their feedback ratings of the film they have seen, before they return home. We welcome this feedback in order to judge the popularity of the films we have selected for our screenings.


The ambience at our film evenings continues to be enhanced by the sale of wine and also sweets and chocolates from  “The Sugar Mill” in Chudleigh. Wine is sold by the glass (cider and beer is also available) along with soft drinks, prior to the film commencing. (We have rationalised our alcohol licence, following a suggestion from TDC Licensing, to one that operates on Friday and Saturday evenings for our events.)


Our library of film DVDs continues to be made available to Members for them to borrow at no cost, although donations are appreciated and were forthcoming. (Kindly note that a deposit is also required.)


It is now three years since we made a significant investment in modern audio visual equipment. This has subsequently enhanced both the film’s sound quality for our audiences and also the ease of setting up & operating the equipment by our projectionists. However, recent comments made by some members about the clarity of some DVDs has made the Society examine the situation. Whilst it is clear from listening to other equipment that certain films lack clarity in their oral content, the Committee have, however, decided to have the loudspeakers checked by a professional company. As a result, a new speaker system will be trialled at the screening on 8th September. During last season, two minor pieces of equipment, the lap top computer and the DVD player were replaced.


Finally, we would like to thank members and guests for their continued support and help in making the Chudleigh Film Society the success it is today.



Chairman - Chudleigh Film Society




We have now invested in a new speaker system whereby the speakers are on stands enabling the speaker height to be nearer the head height of the audience. We have been extremely happy with their performance but in the end we are dependent on the clarity of the actors' voices.