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AGM  MINUTES of the Ninth Annual General Meeting of the Chudleigh Film Society, held in the Woodway Room, Chudleigh Town Hall, on Friday 12 October 2018 .




Bernard Groves Chairman


Paul Lovick, Vice Chairman


Maggie Groves Treasurer


Mandy Lovick,Secretary


Liz Edwards Membership Secretary


Keith & Sue Benyon Tinker  Committee Members


David & Anita Harrison   Committee Members




Carole Smart, Andrew Turnbull, Mike Treble, Sheila Austin




1.Apologies for absence: Ian and Leah Stirrat (Committee Members) Bob Edwards




2.  Minutes: These had been circulated to members and were approved and signed as correct.   .




3. Matters arising: None



4. Chairman’s Report: Bernard welcomed all members to this, our ninth,  AGM, and said that during the last season we had shown our 100th film – The Last King of Scotland, and our most popular film had been United Kingdom.


Over the last season attendances to our screenings had dropped by 116 – most of these being visitors.  However, we will continue to show a wide range of films as was the Society’s aim from the outset.


The hearing issues which have long been a problem, have now been addressed with new low speakers; however, until some actors, especially American ones, stop mumbling, this will always be cause issues.  The Co-op had kindly donated £200 towards the cost of these new speakers.



5. Treasurer’s Report:   Maggie gave us her report, which as she said, is largely self-explanatory, and which had been kindly audited by Clare Lillington.


It is hoped that this season we will recruit more members as this is our main source of income, and membership levels are falling.


Carole Smart queried the publicity expenses – none this year as opposed to £73 last.  Maggie explained that last year we purchased the banner which is displayed in front of the Town Hall.


Maggie also explained that she uses only the free papers for our advertising, such as the Phoenix, the Chudleigh News and the MDA on line.  


Acceptance of the Accounts was proposed by Carole Smart and seconded by Andrew Turnbull.




6. Election of Officers: Paul Lovick proposed Bernard Groves as Chairman and this was seconded by Mike Treble.


Bernard then proposed Paul Lovick as Vice Chairman, seconded by Maggie Groves, and Maggie Groves was proposed by Andrew Turnbull, seconded by Liz Edwards  to remain as Treasurer.  The position of MandyLovick as secretary was proposed by the Chairman, and seconded by  Liz Edwards  All four positions were unopposed.


The rest of the Committee were all voted in unanimously.



7.  AOB:Carole Smart thanked the Committee for keeping the Film Society going so successfully.


Andrew Turnbull suggested that next year we start the AGM at 7.15 in the hope of getting more members to come to it.


The Chairman also remembered Tony Woodville, who sadly died in the summer who had been one of our founder members, and regularly came to our screenings despite his failing health.



8.  Next AGM  This will be held at the second screening in 2019 which is Friday, October 11, and will be held as usual in the Woodway Room.  This is so that members can rejoin the Society at our first film and so be eligible to attend. The date will be announced later.






Signed as a true record……………………………………………………    Date ………………………..